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How to Write an A+ Essay?

Determine the content of your essay

Content is what you will tell about. In essence, the question of content can be formulated as follows: what did they ask you to write about? The content should consider the following parameters:

Subject. Sometimes you are given a topic, sometimes they ask you to come up with your own. In this case, you should choose the topic that you like or in which you want to become a real expert.

Format. The length of the essay, the number of pages and the overall presentation of the material – all this is important. Strictly follow the requirements for the essay provided by essay writing servicer, so as not to accidentally worsen your work.

Readers. With whom do you speak with your essay? Whom do you want to convince them? You need to write an essay so that it addresses specific listeners.

Study the material to get confirmation for your arguments

Search the Internet, go to the library or look in the training database. Do not hesitate to ask for help from the librarian – this is their job. Find out which sources are acceptable. Maybe you need to specify a certain number of main sources and some – additional?
Is it possible to use Wikipedia? This is a good source to get acquainted with many topics, but often you can not refer to it, as more authoritative sources are required.

Specify in detail, where did this or that fact come from. Correctly form the quote, so you do not have to re-do everything in accordance with GOST on the last night. Never ignore facts and statements that conflict with your arguments. The author of a good essay either mentions other points of view and brings his arguments against them, or mentions other points of view and slightly changes their point of view under their influence.

Define the thesis of the work.

Look at the ideas you expressed. Choose 1-3 of the best to support your topic. And be ready to confirm them with the arguments obtained in the preliminary study. Write a thesis that would act as a summary of the main ideas. This is necessary so that readers can understand what you are talking about and why. The thesis should be narrowly focused on your topic and what you want to tell about. The thesis should not be a question, be written in the first person, have nothing to do with the topic or be controversial.

Build an outline

Make a plan for your essay. All that you came up with in preparation for the essay, write on paper. In one sentence, formulate a theme for your main ideas. Below, make a list of arguments in favor of this statement. As a rule, three arguments are given on each topic.

Write and proofread it!