Proof Reading

Writing is truly an art or for that matter any interface that requires communicating is a world in itself as it requires military precision to understand the purpose of your communication and above all the requirements of your audience and relaying the message you are trying to convey in the right vein and tone.

When one starts with something one is bound to commit mistakes but it should be realized that mistakes are just part of the creation process. Correction of small nuances in a report or essay is at times so vital that one infinitive or two can make the whole difference in the interpretation of the subject matter presented. One can correct the matter only after it has been completed first and all the ideas have been put into paper. This can be achieved by in careful, in-depth and inquisitive proof reading. The article/report should then be given a first reading by an independent reader to take an overview and grasp the essence of the essay, i.e.; the audience understands what is being communicated to them.

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Once that is over, the next phase is to check for grammatical structuring and the general usage of the language so that the writer effectively communicates his thoughts. This is a painstaking process which may take sometime and several re-readings and corrections. If it is not urgent, one may take a day or two and go through the matter from beginning till end until one is completely satisfied. The thing to look out for is that the sentence written must make sense to the reader and it should be as much as possible in a user friendly mode so that it makes for an interesting reading. If your reader loses interest then that will be your biggest shortcoming. Once through this, the presentation of the report must be checked and formatted in a way to look most presentable when handed over to someone for reading.

Finally, one must give a last reading to the material from the viewpoint of his audience to better understand the objective which he sets out to achieve.


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