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Sociology is a cross-disciplinary field that studies society. It uses empirical observation, social and scientific experimentation and critical analysis to explore human social activity. To write on a sociology research topics one must study and understand the sociological theories from an objective and scientific point of view and develop their own personal opinion, analysis, observations and critique to the findings.

Sociology is a very rich field often overlapping with other disciplines. Therefore selecting sociology research topics can be a testing decision and careful consideration needs to be given to your own understanding of the topic you select. You should give particular importance to your ability to research and expand on the topic, especially your ability to view the topic objectively or without bias.

Here are some of the points you need to consider when writing on sociology research topics, illuminating the cross-disciplinary makeup of the subject.

Since sociology is a very broad discipline and numerous researches are an on-going process in this field, therefore it is best if you check to see if someone else is working on the same sociology research topics or another researcher has already covered it. Normally research topics in sociology are in the form of questions and the essay you write on it is basically an answer to that question. In that answer you may explain the concepts and theories governing the topic; give analysis from your own research and experimentation of the topic and critically evaluate the reliability and validity of the topic and findings. A few examples of sociology research topics are as follows:

• Prostitution – should it be made legal?
• Religion and Terrorism – the connection?
• Public Funding for Abortion – a right for the mother?
• Marriage between the same sexes – should be made legal or not?

Select a topic that really interests you and make certain that you have an extensive understanding about its theories and perspectives. Since the subject of sociology is concerned with human behavior and social interactions, choosing a theme for your research paper is relatively easier than other disciplines. There are three sociological theoretical perspectives; Conflict, Functional and Symbolic Interactive perspectives; and may dictate your analysis in light of your chosen topic.

After carefully selecting sociology research topics you need to focus on conducting research to draft your essay. As sociology is bounded with social phenomenon, you can find loads of research materials on it, such as facts, text books, newspapers, journals and articles, charts, graphs, questionnaires and other statistical data. In addition to this you can collect study materials from historical records, experimental outcomes, sociological studies etc.

Last but not the least you should give your own analysis or view point on the sociology research topics you have chosen and take care of minor details such as sequential flow, persuasive tone and references and citations.


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